In the shadow of our love’s final dusk,
I pen these lines with a heavy heart,
A father’s tears, concealed, a solemn mask,
As harmony we cherished now falls apart.

I watch our children, innocent and young,
Their laughter once echoed through our home,
Now, in silence, they’re the ones among,
The shattered dreams, the seeds of love once sown.

Our marriage, once a symphony of hearts,
Now a melody with discordant strain,
What once was whole, now torn apart in parts,
I ache, I grieve, and I endure the pain.

I see our pictures on the wall, so bright,
Reminders of the love that used to shine,
Now fading like the setting sun’s last light,
A tranquil love that’s reached its waning line.

I wish I could rewind the hands of time,
To when we danced through life in sweet embrace,
But life’s journey leads us to this rhyme,
A father’s tears, a once-harmonious space.

Though love may wane, our children still remain,
Our shared creation, bound by blood and heart,
In this new chapter, let their lives sustain,
A piece of love, though torn, from the very start.

I’ll hold their hands, and in their eyes, I’ll see,
A reflection of the love that used to be,
For in our parting, I hope they find the key,
To navigate the storms and heal, like me.

As a father, I will stand with open arms,
To guide them through the trials they may face,
And though our marriage found its final psalm,
My love for them remains, an endless grace.